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Music List (click here)
(in Adobe PDF format)
For a copy of Acrobat Reader, click on the button below.
DJ Contract (click here)
(in Adobe PDF format)

For couples using our DJ services, click on the link "Music List" above and print out the music list then mark your favorite songs. Each of you use a different colored highlighter (or one mark with a "+" and the other with a "0") and notate which color (or mark) belongs to which person. Be sure to only highlight half of the song, that way the other person can highlight the other half if they also like the song.

If there are any songs that you don't want played, please put a "single" line through the song (so we can still read the song) and that song WON'T be played at your reception, no matter how much your guests ask for it! If there are some songs that you "REALLY" want to have played, put a couple of stars "**" next to those songs. Please try and limit the number of "star'd" songs to about 12 or 13. That way we can still play requests from your guests.

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