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Information about ACE Mobile Music".com"

Cory Carrier, owner of ACE Mobile Music".com", has been providing DJ services since 1978, and is now serving all of San Diego, and parts of Riverside and Orange counties. With a library of over 2000 CDs and music ranging from the 1920's to today's top 40's. We specialize in wedding ceremonies/receptions, where non-offensive music and a large song selection is essential.

ACE Mobile Music".com" now has 4 additional DJs who have been personally trained by Cory. These DJs use Cory's music and equipment and will do the job the way that Cory has trained them. The importance of this, is that all the years of Cory's DJ experience have been passed on to a DJ that can provide you with a professional and organized event. (in case Cory can't do it himself)

We also use a technique called sound shaping, which can fill the room with music yet not drown out people's conversations. We have years of experience doing all kinds of events, some of which have been: 25th & 50th Wedding Anniversaries, Church youth dances, Pageants, Fashion shows, and Company Christmas Parties.

In addition to the 4 main DJ systems we also have 3 PA systems that work great for sound support at the wedding ceremony. This is especially important when you are outdoors and have over 40 guests. Not only can we provide music before and during the ceremony, we can also mic the ceremony so the guests can hear what is being said. If needed, we can provide sound support for singers, harpists, piano players, etc. for your ceremony.

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